The Grocery Mission


I enjoy long, quiet walks down grocery aisles.

A kid free moment that left me feeling vulnerable when looking at every bucket of ice cream alone. I made it out though, with only cheese, meat and poison ivy creams for Jon. (don’t ask)

Ok well, now since you’re probably wondering, he was attacked by the garage floor, or a plant.. to be honest I’m not really sure how it happened but I’m almost certain he got into sumac or some sort of poisonous plant. Either way, I bought two types of cream and Benadryl, just in case. (because manflu)

Anyway, since moving, our grocery store is now Ingles. We’ve had WalMart and Fry’s for so long, of course I had those stores memorized. I get in, get out and that’s it. Now, it’s a man hunt, even for cotton balls. I have no idea where anything is. So, I call my mom, thinking she would know where everything is (because she’s mom) but no. Not this store. My quick ten minute trip to buy dinner, turned into an hour.

But I was kid free, so maybe I just took my time. 😉