In the next Ten Years

I want to focus on happiness. No expectations, no limits, all change and acceptance. Ten years ago, I lived a much different path. But the path that led me to where I am today, has been the best experience of my life.

I think it’s important to understand an open mind when considering the way we WANT to be and live rather than how society tells us to be.

Ten years from now, I want to focus on the journey. Live everyday, live in every moment with my husband, children and family. Take walks while I look around rather than just at the ground, laugh more, cry less and remember to take my vitamins.

I want to completely invest myself in my family, forget materialistic items, status, money and judgement. No longer will I take time for granted and I will write as much as I can. I want to take photos of the little things that I could soon forget and practice patience rather than pace. Slowing down to breathe in silence and noise as I watch my children sleep and play.

Why create boundaries and limits, let social media influence our lives and miss every moment we’ve been waiting for?

Here’s to the next ten years.


Wedding Day


Haaave you met Jon?

We finally tied the knot on November 17, 2018!

Our wedding was a dream come true! I am so grateful for the family and friends we had to help us throughout the entire process. The day began with my best friends by my side, calming my nerves and reminding me to breathe. My favorite part of this entire experience was our vows. When we first became engaged, Jon told me that he wanted us to write our own vows. At first I was hesitant. How in the world would I be able to come up with the words to explain my love for him? It came much easier than I thought. I was able to write down words that flow through my heart then chose to sing him a song that was near and dear to my soul. His words were amazing, with tearful eyes he paused and expressed the most beautiful love I have ever heard. It was truly breathtaking.

Were are currently awaiting our professional photos and I can not wait to share!