Proportional Reasoning

WHYY? Please don’t ask me why I agreed to take math soon rather than later. This is probably my fourth college math class, and I still have two left. What’s my major you ask? Elementary Education.

It’s okay though, it will all be worth it – someday. Don’t mind me for the next seven weeks as I wither away in sleepless nights. I  L O A T H E math. It’s just never been my niche.

Oh, then my math textbook was lost in the mail. Is this a sign?

I do however absolutely LOVE my college. I attend the Grand Canyon University, in pursuit of my Bachelor of Science. I began college in Havelock, NC at Craven Community College, then shortly after completion of my genEd classes, I transferred to Liberty University. What I was seeking in college, I just wasn’t finding there; so I transferred to GCU in Spring 2017. This was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made!

LUNCH TIME (sidenote) – – – – –

I enjoyed lunch at an adorable little diner today in Saluda, NC called Ward’s Grill. There was even chili on my cheeseburger! Now if that ain’t a taste of heaven, then I don’t know what is.

If you’re interested to visit, here is the link –