Around the Sun

whoa. I nearly fell off the face of the planet.

Since: I’ve successfully completed my math class. (well, barely)
I haven’t gone on any hikes, I still don’t work for NASA, it’s too cloudy to see the stars and all the local ice cream shops are closed for winter.

On the upside, great things are happening in our family! Our wedding is next weekend and the weather is predicted to snow! While I would rather snow than rain, my mother is less than excited. ha!

While we’re on the note of NASA, the Geminids Meteor shower is coming soon! The peak of the shower will be from December 13 through the 14th. I plan to dust off my telescope and look for some shooting stars. The last time we did, Cailey and I witnessed the brightest, longest, most beautiful meteoroid ever in Yuma, Arizona.

Proportional Reasoning

WHYY? Please don’t ask me why I agreed to take math soon rather than later. This is probably my fourth college math class, and I still have two left. What’s my major you ask? Elementary Education.

It’s okay though, it will all be worth it – someday. Don’t mind me for the next seven weeks as I wither away in sleepless nights. I  L O A T H E math. It’s just never been my niche.

Oh, then my math textbook was lost in the mail. Is this a sign?

I do however absolutely LOVE my college. I attend the Grand Canyon University, in pursuit of my Bachelor of Science. I began college in Havelock, NC at Craven Community College, then shortly after completion of my genEd classes, I transferred to Liberty University. What I was seeking in college, I just wasn’t finding there; so I transferred to GCU in Spring 2017. This was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made!

LUNCH TIME (sidenote) – – – – –

I enjoyed lunch at an adorable little diner today in Saluda, NC called Ward’s Grill. There was even chili on my cheeseburger! Now if that ain’t a taste of heaven, then I don’t know what is.

If you’re interested to visit, here is the link –