Around the Sun

whoa. I nearly fell off the face of the planet.

Since: I’ve successfully completed my math class. (well, barely)
I haven’t gone on any hikes, I still don’t work for NASA, it’s too cloudy to see the stars and all the local ice cream shops are closed for winter.

On the upside, great things are happening in our family! Our wedding is next weekend and the weather is predicted to snow! While I would rather snow than rain, my mother is less than excited. ha!

While we’re on the note of NASA, the Geminids Meteor shower is coming soon! The peak of the shower will be from December 13 through the 14th. I plan to dust off my telescope and look for some shooting stars. The last time we did, Cailey and I witnessed the brightest, longest, most beautiful meteoroid ever in Yuma, Arizona.

Sense of Adventure

Our recent move to North Carolina has introduced us to the raw beauty of the Appalachian Mountains!

(Mountains in our town)

We have found gorgeous hiking trails, fished in the lake and caught lightening bugs at night. Moving from the high-stress desert life was a relief for me; the daily traffic and rush was overwhelming. My soul finally feels at peace here as I soak up the trees and life.

My mountain bucket list:

Watch a Smokey Mountain Sunrise
Walk behind a waterfall
Climb to a waterfall DONE x2
Hike a small portion of the Appalachian Trail
Camp under the stars

I want to grow this list by dozens! Suggestions on places and ideas, please let me know!