The Secret to Joy

My first meaningful task for you is to seek God where you doubt He lives. You may be thinking, why? Because where you least expect to find faith, is right where it is. Often times we assume the worst of places or things that have no relation to happiness or joy, simply because we do not see it. This is where the light you keep must shine. To bring warmth to the cold and welcome a new growth.

My family and I have just recently moved to beautiful North Carolina, 2200 miles away from where we’ve lived the past several years. Uprooting wasn’t the difficult part for me honestly, I felt like I couldn’t leave that place soon enough.. but now the re-establishing element is what has thrown me for a whirlwind. I am digging deep to find the light I have to shine in our new lives and new jobs.

Follow me along my journey to becoming a teacher, raising our daughter and spreading the light we all have within!

Welcome to Magnolian Cottage! Consider this blog your home away from home. My goal is to inspire and share tidbits about my world in hopes to bring meaningful thought to yours!

“the secret to joy is to keep seeking God where we doubt He is.”

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